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Book stop: No Bridge! No Fair!

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Booksposted on March 3, 2015

Bo Bridge! No Fair! book coverAge range

0-5 years

What to expect

Nielson begins by introducing the team of Bridge-its, also known as “Bits.” These Bits, including the robot dog Emma, are steam powered robots that live near the Big River. There is one wooden bridge that crosses the Big River, which connects their homes to the annual fair. One week before the fair is set to begin, a flood comes through a breaks the only wooden bridge into pieces. The Bits get to work immediately to build a new truss bridge. The timeline is tight, so the Bits call in bigger robots, Rose and Dudley, to help. Just when you think the Bits are going to easily make it to the fair, another flood sweeps through just one day before the fair is set to begin.

How to get it

Bridge Building Robots: No Bridge! No Fair! is a free downloadable e-book by the author, Stuart Neilson, who also wrote NieKo: The Bridge Building Robot. Neilson’s goal is to teach children everywhere about bridge building using fun characters to tell stories that engage young readers.

Check out the full e-book (PDF) to find out how the Bits weather the storm:!NoFair!byStuartNielsen.pdf

By Jackie Nester, Go! Staff Writer

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