InTrans / Jan 31, 2024

Taylor receives ACPA technical achievement award

Peter Taylor, left, with ACPA President and CEO Laura O’Neill Kaumo, accepts the Marlin J. Knutson Award for Technical Achievement at the ACPA annual meeting

CP Tech Center Director Peter Taylor was awarded the Marlin J. Knutson Award for Technical Achievement from the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) at its 60th Annual Meeting held in late 2023.

The award is presented to an individual or group who has made significant contributions to advance the development and implementation of technical innovations and best practices in the design and construction of concrete pavements. It has been awarded annually since 1998.

Taylor earned the award in 2023 for his unwavering commitment to advancing the field of concrete pavement technology and his exceptional contribution to the industry. He was also recognized for being a “trailblazing expert and scholar,” whose dedication has made a significant influence in research and pavement design.

Further, the award noted that Taylor’s innovative research has made significant improvements to concrete pavement mix-design, durability, strength, and resilience.

“I am very honored to be recognized by this award and excited to join the ranks of those who have received it before me,” said Taylor.

The CP Tech Center as a whole previously won the same distinction in 2006 in part for its commitment and service to the concrete pavement industry in advancing concrete pavement research, technology transfer, and technology implementation.

The ACPA, founded in 1963, is the world’s largest trade association that exclusively represents the interests of those involved with the design, construction, and preservation of concrete pavements.