Matt Rouse


Bridge Research Specialist, BEC





Teaching Professor, Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering


InTrans, BEC

About Matt

Dr. Rouse is a bridge research specialist with the Bridge Engineering Center. His interest areas include extreme events engineering, accelerated construction, fiber reinforced and ultra-high performance concrete, structural performance evaluation, and power transmission structures 


  • PhD, Civil Engineering, Cornell University, 2004 
  • ME, Civil Engineering, Cornell University, 1995 
  • BS, Civil Engineering, Iowa State University, 1994 


Interest Areas

  • Extreme events engineering 
  • Accelerated construction 
  • Fiber reinforced and ultra-high performance concrete
  • Structural performance evaluation
  • Power transmission structures 

Selected Publications

  • J. M. Rouse, T. J. Wipf, B. M. Phares, F. Fanous, and O. Berg. 2011. Design, Construction, and Field Testing of an Ultra-High Performance Concrete Pi-Girder Bridge. Iowa Highway Research Board, Ames, IA, 82 pp.
  • J. M. Rouse, F. W. Klaiber, and M. C. Currie. 2009. Feasibility investigation of segmentally precast bridge piers for accelerated construction. Iowa Highway Research Board, Ames, IA.
  • J. M. Rouse. 2010. An alternative design approach for longitudinal loads. Proceedings of the Edison Electric Institute Annual Convention, Denver, Colorado.
  • J. M. Rouse. 2010. An alternative design approach for longitudinal loads. Proceedings of the Midwest Electrical Transmission Exchange Annual Meeting, Pewaukee, Wisconsin.
  • J. M. Rouse and F. Fanous. 2009. Design, construction and performance evaluation of a UHPC pi girder bridge. Proceedings of the Iowa County Engineers Association Annual Meeting, Ames, IA.
  • J. M. Rouse, M .C. Currie, and F. W. Klaiber. 2009. Self- centering bridge piers with structural fuses. Proceedings of the 2009 Mid-Continent Transportation Research Symposium, Ames, IA.

Honors and Awards

  • ISU Engineering Student Council Outstanding Teacher in Civil Engineering, 2009 
  • George Winter Fellowship, Cornell University, 2002 
  • Cornell Graduate Fellowship, Cornell University, 1999 
  • Big 8 Conference Postgraduate Fellowship, Big 8 Conference, 1994
  • Olin Fellowship, Cornell University, 1994