InTrans / Aug 14, 2018

Development of wood highway sound barriers

Prototype designs for wood highway sound barriers
meeting the multiple criteria of structural integrity,
acoustic effectiveness, durability, and potential for
public acceptance are being developed. Existing
installations of wood sound barriers were reviewed and
measurements conducted in the field to estimate
insertion losses. A complete matrix of design options
for wood barriers was developed into a set of slides
along with several concrete designs, and presented in a
controlled test to a group of human subjects for
evaluation. The results of this testing showed that the
wood barrier designs present an acceptable
appearance, both to the driver and to the community
behind the barrier. Moreover, the tests indicated a
preference for moderate relief treatment, or a variety of
design elements. The results of the human subject and
acoustic testing have been incorporated into a series of
designs for wood sound barriers. A prototype barrier
will be built and tested.