ICMPA Concurrent Session 4

Thursday, June 9, 2022

10:00 a.m. to Noon

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CS #LocationSession ThemePaper Title and Authors
4-1Joliet – 3rd FloorLife-Cycle AnalysisLife-Cycle Impact Assessment of in Situ Recycled Pavement Sections in Virginia
Eugene A. Amarh, Gerardo W. Flintsch, Joao Santos, Brian K. Diefenderfer, and Wilmar Fernandez

Remaining Service Interval (RSI): A Framework for Life-Cycle Planning for Pavements
Prashant Ram, Senthil Thyagarajan, Nadarajah Sivaneswaran (Siva), Katie Zimmerman, and Kelly Smith

Pilot Implementation of Life-Cycle Planning Process for Pavements
Prashant Ram, Katie Zimmerman, and Abhik Borthakur

Life-Cycle Asset Management – Making it Real
David Paine and Bruce Clayton
4-2Astoria – 3rd FloorPavement Distress

Acquisition and Evaluation of Road Condition Data in South Africa, Past, Present, and Future – A Vision of Utilising Fact Instead of Opinion
Simon Tetley and Jerry Daleiden

High Resolution Pavement Collection for Parking Lots and Airports
Jacob Pellmann

LCMS 2 Crack Detection Improvement Achieved by Processing 1mm x 1mm Scans
Richard Fox-Ivey, Benoir Petitclerc, and John Laurent

Variability and Repeatability of Falling Weight Deflectometer Survey Results for Airport Pavement Management
Greg White and Josh Beehag
4-3Continental C – Lobby LevelPIARC PMS Session I – Pavement Management

Introduction to PIARC and Its Reports
Gerardo Flintsch and Margo Briessinck

Pavement Data – A Valuable Asset in the Asset Management System
Kristina Bayraktarova and Christian Honeger

Pavement Management Methodology on Multi-Lane Roads
Fernando Varela

Collection of Performance-Related Data during the Asphalt Paving Process
Curt Turgeon
4-4PDR 2 – 3rd FloorPMS Implementation

Improving the Quality of Pavement Surface Distress and Transverse Profile Data Collection and Analysis
Andy Mergenmeier

Timing of Preservation Treatments on Asphalt Concrete Pavements
James Bryce and Gonzalo Rada

Using Optimization to Calculate the Effects of Deferred Maintenance
James Bryce

Data-Driven Decision-Making for Preserving Pavements in Maryland
Aditya Ramachandran

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