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Federal Highway Administration Transportation Pooled Funds TPF-5(437), TPF-5(313), and TPF-5(159)
Iowa Department of Transportation

Principal Investigator
John Adam

Associate Director, CP Tech Center

Principal Investigator
Steven Tritsch
Co-Principal Investigator
Peter Taylor

Director, CP Tech Center

Principal Investigator
Tom Cackler

About the research

The Technology Transfer Concrete Consortium (TTCC) pooled fund project has participated in National Concrete Consortium (NC²) meetings and other technical training events. The TTCC series of pooled funds has also supported numerous technology deployment products, including the NC² E-News; the NC² States’ Q&A Listserv; the NC² Research Needs Analysis; the development of a wide range of technical resources via sponsored research (see below); and, following the conclusion of the CP Road Map, continued publication of the quarterly Moving-Advancements-into-Practice (MAP) briefs (see below).

NC² Resource Library

2024-062024What Can Be Done to Reduce the Embodied Carbon Emissions of Concrete? Brief
2024-052024Concrete Pumping and Air Testing Webinar
2024-032024Toward Performance-Engineered Curing Brief
2023-112023PEM Evolution: Then and Now Brief
2023-072023Revisiting Concrete Scaling Brief
2023-052023Climate Change, Resilience, and Concrete Pavements Brief
2023-012023Concrete Overlays Brief
2022-082022Guidance to Reduce Shrinkage and Restrained Shrinkage Cracking Report
2022-032022Mechanistic-Empirical Design Methods for Concrete Pavement Solutions Brief
2022-032022Synthesis on Maintaining PCC Pavement Smoothness Report
2022-032022Synthesis on Maintaining PCC Pavement Smoothness State Specification Table
2022-022022In Situ Cyclic Loading of Concrete Pavement Overlays Supported on Geotextile and Asphalt Interlayers: Buchanan County Road D-16 Report
2022-022022Appendices: In Situ Cyclic Loading of Concrete Pavement Overlays Supported on Geotextile and Asphalt Interlayers: Buchanan County Road D-16 (ZIP file) Report
2022-022022Synthesis of Rapid-Setting Repair Materials Report
2022-022022Rapid-Setting Repair Materials Listing and Links
2021-12-312021Optimizing Concrete Pavement Opening to Traffic Brief
2021-092021Updates to AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design Software Affecting Concrete Pavements: A Synthesis of the Changes to the Software Related to Concrete Pavements Report
2021-09-012021Effects of Vibration on Concrete Mixtures Brief
2021-082021Development of an Improved Protocol for Structural Evaluation of Dowel Load Transfer Systems for Concrete Pavements Report
2021-06-012021Improving the Foundation Layers for Concrete Pavements: Lessons Learned and a New Framework for Mechanistic Assessment Brief
2021-03-012021Overview of Stringless Paving Brief
2020-12-012020Overview of Alkali-Silica Reactivity in Concrete Pavements Brief
2020-09-012020Overview of Cement-Stabilized Subgrade Soils Brief
2020-06-012020Development of an Improved Design Procedure for Jointed Unbonded Concrete Overlays on Concrete or Composite Pavements Brief
2020-03-012020Extended Life Concrete Bridge Decks Utilizing Internal Curing to Reduce Cracking—Results from Ohio DOT Field Trial Brief
2020-01-012020Development and Deployment of the Next Generation Concrete Surface Brief
2019-09-012019Overview of the Guide for Concrete Pavement Distress Assessments and Solutions Brief
2019-07-012019Optimized Joint Spacing for Concrete Overlays with and without Structural Fiber Reinforcement for Low-Volume Roads Brief
2019-04-012019Fiber-Reinforced Concrete for Pavement Overlays: Technical Overview Report
2019-03-022019Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (FRC) for Pavement Overlays (Tech Brief) Brief
2019-04-012019Fiber Residual Strength Estimator for Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (FRC) Overlays, Version 1.1
2019-03-032019Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (FRC) for Pavement Overlays (MAP Brief) Brief
2019-03-012019Overview of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks Brief
2019-03-012019Overview of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks Report
2018-12-012018Performance Experience and Lessons Learned from SPS 2 Test Sections of the Long-Term Pavement Performance Program (LTTP) Brief
2018-10-012018Portland-Limestone Cement after 10 Years in the Field Brief
2018-07-012018Using RCA in Pavement Base Products Brief
2018-04-012018Concrete Overlay Performance on Iowa's Roadways Brief
2017-12-012017Performance Assessment of Nonwoven Geotextile Materials Used as Separation Layer for Unbonded Concrete Overlay of Existing Concrete Pavement Applications in the U.S. Brief
2017-09-012017Concrete Pavement Recycling—Project Selection and Scoping Brief
2017-07-012017Developing a Quality Assurance Program for Implementing Performance Engineered Mixtures for Concrete Pavements Brief
2017-04-012017Performance Engineered Mixtures (PEM) for Concrete Pavements Brief
2016-11-012016Causes of Transverse Cracking in Concrete Bridge Decks Brief
2016-08-012016Real-Time Smoothness Measurements for Portland Cement Concrete Pavements Brief
2016-05-012016Performance of Thin Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement under Accelerated Loading Brief
2016-03-012016Concrete Pavement Recycling and the Use of Recycled Concrete Aggregate in Concrete Paving Mixtures Brief
2015-12-012015Internal Curing Brief
2015-10-012015Curing Brief
2015-08-012015Spirit of St. Louis Airport Concrete Overlay Brief
2015-06-012015Concrete Pavement Joint Deterioration: Recent Findings to Reduce the Potential for Damage Brief
2015-04-012015Concrete Pavement Curling and Warping: Observations and Mitigation Brief
2015-01-012015Producing Freeze-Thaw Durable Concrete Brief
2014-12-012014Relating Transport Properties to Performance in Concrete Pavements Brief
2014-10-012014Aggregate Gradations for Concrete Pavement Mixtures Brief
2014-08-012014Deicing Salts and Concrete Pavements Brief
2014-06-012014Constructing Concrete Pavements with Durable Joints Brief
2014-03-012014Mixture Design and Proportioning for Concrete Pavements Brief
2013-11-012013Supplementary Cementitious Materials and Blended Cements to Improve Sustainability of Concrete Pavements Brief
2013-10-012013Long-Life Concrete: How Long Will My Concrete Last? A Synthesis of Knowledge of Potential Durability of Concrete
2013-06-012013Demonstration of Technologies for Concrete Pavement Quality Monitoring
2012-05-012012Multi-Year Concrete Overlays Program: What We have Accomplished and Learned Brief
2012-03-012012Concrete Pavement Sustainability: State-of-the-Practice Brief
2012-01-012012Full-Depth Repairs for Concrete Pavements Brief
2011-11-012011Precast Concrete Pavements Brief
2011-09-012011Recommendations for Standardized Dowel Load Transfer Systems for Jointed Concrete Roadway Pavements Brief
2011-09-012011Guide to Dowel Load Transfer Systems for Jointed Concrete Roadway Pavements
2011-09-012011Introducing the CP Road Map, Second Edition Brief
2011-07-012011Full-Depth Reclamation of Asphalt Pavements with Cement Brief
2011-07-012011Potential Materials Incompatibilities in Concrete Pavements Brief
2011-05-012011Partial-Depth Repair for Concrete Pavements Brief
2011-04-012011Preventing Joint Deterioration in Concrete Pavements: A Summary of Current Knowledge Brief
2011-03-012011Fly Ash as a Supplementary Cementitious Material in Concrete Mixtures Brief
2011-02-012011Intelligent Compaction for Concrete Pavement Bases and Subbases Brief
2011-01-012011Smart Cure: An Integral Part of an Intelligent Construction System Brief
2010-11-012010Deleterious Chemical Effects of Deicing Solutions on Concrete Pavements Brief
2010-10-012010Stringless Concrete Paving Brief
2010-09-012010Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavements Brief
2010-08-012010Two-Lift Concrete Paving Brief
2010-05-012010Job-Specific Optimization of Paving Concrete with COMPASS (Concrete Mixture Performance Analysis System) Brief
2009-10-012009Diamond Grinding to Reduce Tire-Pavement Noise in Concrete Pavements Brief
2009-05-012009Use of Nonwoven Geotextiles as Interlayers in Concrete Pavement Systems Brief

Note: No MAP briefs are available for 2013 because the initial CP Road Map contract ended June 2012 and the next did not begin until September 2013.

Below is a playlist of all CP Tech Center videos on fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC), the earlier three of which were produced under TTCC/NC² sponsorship: