Mid-Con 2019 Concurrent Session 4

Thurs., Aug. 22, 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

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Session & LocationPresentations

Session 4A


Room: Central Prairie

Use of Slurry Seals to Cost-Effectively Improve Multi-Modal Transportation in Growing Cities
Abstract PDF
Ashley Buss, Iowa State University
Benjamin Claypool, Iowa State University
Jing Dong, Iowa State University

Leveraging Sensor-Based Vehicle Trajectory Construction in Existing Traffic Signal Infrastructure
Abstract PDF
Chris Day, Iowa State University
Rob Helt, City of Colorado Springs
Dan Sines, City of Colorado Springs

Asphalt Pavements and Infrastructure Resiliency
Presentation PDF | Abstract PDF
Dan Staebell, Asphalt Pavement Alliance
Bill Rosener, Asphalt Pavement Association of Iowa

Interstate Congestion in Iowa
Abstract PDF
Skylar Knickerbocker, Iowa State University
Subhadipto Poddar, Iowa State University
Neal Hawkins, Iowa State University

Session 4B


Room: North Prairie

Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP)

Peter Eun, FHWA
Rebecca Crowe, FHWA

Teen Drivers: Spatial Pattern of Crashes
Presentation PDF | Abstract PDF
Hemin J. Mohammed, University of Kansas

Addressing Citizens Requests for Traffic Safety Solutions
Presentation PDF | Abstract PDF
Renae Kuehl, SRF Consulting Group
Tom Sachi, SRF Consulting Group

Driving Risk Assessment for Type-1 Diabetes Population
Jennifer Merickel, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Session 4C


Room: Meadow

Concrete Mixture Proportioning
Presentation PDF | Abstract PDF
Peter Taylor, Iowa State University

Effects of Vibration on Concrete Mixtures
Presentation PDF | Abstract PDF
Yifeng Ling, Iowa State University
Peter Taylor, Iowa State University

PEM Implementation Data in Iowa
Presentation PDF | Abstract PDF
Todd Hanson, Iowa Department of Transportation
Peter Taylor, Iowa State University

The Effects of Polymer Type and Addition Process on the Properties of Asphalt Emulsion Slurries
Abstract PDF
Ashley Buss, Iowa State University
Irvin Pinto, Iowa State University

Session 4D

Technology - Traffic

Room: South Prairie

Safely and Effectively Communicating Non-Connected Vehicle Information to Connected Vehicles
Presentation PDF | Abstract PDF
Hiba Nassereddine, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Jon Riehl, University of Wisconsin - Madison
David Noyce, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Kelvin R. Santiago-Chaparro, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Implementing Comprehensive Traffic Data Quality Examination Tools: A Case Study for Wistransportal V-SPOC Quality Assurance/Quality Control Enhancements
Presentation PDF | Abstract PDF
Yang Cheng, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Information Content of Aggregate Speed Measurements and Autonomous Vehicles
Presentation PDF | Abstract PDF
Ilker Karaca, Iowa State University

Evaluating the Impact of Autonomous Behavior Using Micro-Simulation
Abstract PDF
Andalib Shams, Iowa State University
Christopher Michael Day, Iowa State University

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